Yesterday we went ice skating with some out of country friends of ours. On the way home, the sky was a-MAZ-ing. I mean, God’s painting skills are totally unreal. It encourages my faith when I see things like this, I feel a little closer to God. It’s like He’s showing me his masterpiece, I love […]

Fantasy & Poems.

Some days, I just want to fly- away from puncuation and stereotypes bad movies and murders… Why can’t – everything in life be; well… Perfect? I’ve found myself drawn to surreal pictures lately, and have been inspired to take some of my own. Lightbulbs and light also facinate me. This winter, I’m hoping to catch […]

Party Snapshots

So yesterday was my friend’s graduation party. We helped her decorate, and my Mom and sister made the centerpieces.  I made the cake with a bit of assistance from my mom.  (Isn’t it cute?!?) I was the “photographer” for the party. So this was my first official photography job! Here are the centerpieces…. My friend’s […]