Hello, hello! It’s been a little while (looooong while) since you’ve heard from me. But I’m baaaack! Here’s what I’ve been up to! I made a croquembouche. My brother had cream puffs for his birthday-so I used the leftover cream puffs to make it (totally dairy free, should I post the recipe?) Anyway, the sugar […]

Golden Mountain Cookies & 1st Anniversary!

Whoooo! First anniversary! Today is the first anniversary of Color Me Full. In this lovely year, I have posted 40 times! How awesome is that? I’m excited for the blogging to come, and I have some expectations of what this next year will bring. Hopefully more delicious recipes (like today’s) and some crafts? Anybody? Anybody? […]

Pink & White Sugar Cookies

Hello again! It’s been a while, and Spring is FINALLY on its way! To celebrate, you just might be in the mood for something sweet. A cookie perhaps? Maybe a PINK cookie?  Flavor wise, with such a delicately flavored cookie, the red food coloring is definitely present. I recommend trying a bit of fruit juice, […]


Yesterday we went ice skating with some out of country friends of ours. On the way home, the sky was a-MAZ-ing. I mean, God’s painting skills are totally unreal. It encourages my faith when I see things like this, I feel a little closer to God. It’s like He’s showing me his masterpiece, I love […]

Fantasy & Poems.

Some days, I just want to fly- away from puncuation and stereotypes bad movies and murders… Why can’t – everything in life be; well… Perfect? I’ve found myself drawn to surreal pictures lately, and have been inspired to take some of my own. Lightbulbs and light also facinate me. This winter, I’m hoping to catch […]

Christmas is coming!

I can’t believe it’s December!    This season always goes by super fast.  So this year I’m doing the December Daily challenge.   I’m taking a picture every day (1 or more) and scrapbooking them.  I’ve been taking pictures, but I haven’t gotten out to print them yet-I’ve post my progress soon. (Here’s another LINK […]