Hello, hello! It’s been a little while (looooong while) since you’ve heard from me. But I’m baaaack! Here’s what I’ve been up to!


I made a croquembouche. My brother had cream puffs for his birthday-so I used the leftover cream puffs to make it (totally dairy free, should I post the recipe?)

Anyway, the sugar work is SUPER fun, and so rewarding!

Next fancy dinner anyone?


I also made mini-orange/cranberry/pomegranate cakes. (also dairy-free)

Mini cakes are so fun, and the citrusy flavors are awesome.

I’ve also been experimenting a bit with backgrounds. I used a piece of black paper (a large thick piece), in both pictures as the background. It worked so well, and cleaned up the pictures nicely.

My photography is still progressing, and I finally purchased some software. (Adobe Photoshop Elements) Which I really like. It’s awesome for black & white. I took my family pictures on Christmas Day, and we’re planning on taking some more soon. Huzzah!

How was your Christmas?

Have you been experimenting with baking or photography?


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