Wake up.

*yaaaa-aawn* Oh hello! I woke up this morning to a lovely MEA weekend.

But the floor still felt pretty cold, and I had a morning Cross country practice.

It’s getting chilly, and I wore 3 layers. Even though the ground was frosted, and the grass was white, I decided somewhere in my exhausted brain, to notice the negative.


So after a cup of mint tea, an everything bagel, and 2 episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show, I decided to get dressed.

Cosy fall colors, and my camera and I was ready to go.

The door creaked as I opened it, and the world awaited my first step.

Guess what?

It wasn’t cold anymore.

The grass was green, and the sun was shining. It’s a gorgeous day outside! I plan to go back outside as soon as I finish this post!


So, today will you dwell on the disgusting coffee at lunch break and the annoying music in the car next to you? Or will you choose to enjoy the fall colors, wear a wool sweater, and eat outside? What side of the bed will you decide to get out of today?

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