Fall Transition.

It’s………fa-fa-fa-fall! I’m excited for pumpkin everything, sweaters, boots, and cozy days with mint tea & Of Monsters and Men. I really want to wears sweaters, but I’m kind of stuck between Summer & Fall. 



I kind of realized this #firstworldproblem when I burned my bare skin with a bowl of hot lentil stew. Shorts and stew don’t work together I guess.




It’s almost time to make costumes too! We don’t really celebrate Halloween, but my little brother LOVES dressing up. He is constantly in a cape, cowboy boot, magic hat ensemble or his full body padded kangaroo suit. It’s so cute! I can’t resist a little kid in a costume. So recently, he’s been asking for a hedgehog costume… Not exactly your typical puppy or policemen kind of guy. 




He’s my most willing model. I love his little hands, and sweet heart. 

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to! (besides catching my sleeve on the microwave door) Well, School is kind of a large part of my life… J’ai suis petit? (I’m learning french) Oh, and Cross Country! Our team is small this year, only 6 girls. But we’re all family. (not literally, but relationship wise) We only have 3 meets left! Our own home meet, Conference, and Sections! I’m so excited! 

How is your fall transition going? Have you gone on any hay rides yet?

I believe this is the recipe my mom uses for her lentil stew.

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