The Experience.

I promised that I would talk about my experience with my media fast. Here it goes! The first couple days was like weaning myself off of some kind of drug, I would have some free time and immediately my body would gravitate towards any electronic device! It was hard to resist the temptation, but with the help of my family ( keeping each other accountable) it turned out fine. The rules to this game were, no TV, or computer, UNLESS (computer) you were checking for something ( orchestra info) or looking up a recipe for supper. So basically, doing necessary things.


That kept any media time to the minimum. While I was making peanut butter cups one day,  (Recipe HERE. They are delicious, especially after being frozen) My brother commented to my mom, “I’ve noticed that Tikvah cooks a lot more when she’s not on the computer!” He of course loved that because he got more treats.  I became more focused at the task at hand, I didn’t have Pinterest calling my name, or some video distracting my attention. Yay!


I did miss some things, like being able to blog, I’d take a picture and be thinking, “I wish I could blog this!” But here I am, and I survived. While I was gone I realized that I want to cut down on my computer time, and mindless Facebook browsing. It’s seriously ridiculous, I don’t even enjoy it! 



I’d much rather be figuring out how to make a healthy cookie recipe than counting how many selfies with the duck-face I could find. 




What have I learned through this experience? I want to spend my media time doing things I really enjoy, and using that time WELL.

Also I want to limit how much time I do spend watching or browsing TV & the internet. Instead of watching a judge show (which I despise) I could be enjoying Pride & Prejudice!

What I will be changing? How much self control I have. Do you have any new energy or ideas? Yes! I want to enlarge my photographing skills, including family pictures, senior pictures, and possibly a wedding or two.

I’d like to start a real photographing business, with business cards, printing options and everything! I also want to become more organized in how I think, act, and live. Taking more pictures will definitely be on the agenda as well. The ones above are some I took while on leave. 


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