Hello Again!

Hello all. I’ve had a lovely…. pretty relaxed summer. Soooo you might be wondering what did I do in August???? Well to be honest, I sat around and ate potato chips and gained like 50 pounds. I know it’s depressing………

Yeah… Okay, so I did some stuff. And I didn’t eat potato chips. Here it goes!
I made some food. Fruit leather, applesauce, pickles, applesauce cake… YUM! I’ll be posting the recipe soon, no worries. (and it’s healthy) I also am coaching a soccer team (3rd-7th) and reffing for the younger kids. My dad is running the community soccer program, so that’s part of why I’m so involved. I also love soccer! We don’t have it as a high school sport at our school…. so, I’m stuck coaching. Which is fun! The kids are funny, cute, and really easy to coach. I’ve also read a couple good books.

The Magic Half, well written, with a mind boggling sort of ending.

Do Hard Things, a challenging teenage rebellion against low expectations & standards

These Happy Golden Years, one of the most romantic books EVER. Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of my favorite authors. Simple and sweet.

And I saw a couple movies….

DESPICABLE ME 2!!!! Personally, I liked the first better, the second had a couple minor mistakes in realistic qualities… And it wasn’t as good.

Pride and Prejudice. I read the book last winter and loved the romantic story! So sweet! The movie was… Oh so good! Like it blew my mind a bit, after we saw it my sister and I were brushing our teeth, and we just kept looking at each other, our eyes sparkling. “That was SO good.” “As good as the book!” “Mr.Bingley….” “…and DARCY!” We have deemed it one of our top favorite movies. (The one with Keira Knightley) At first, when Mr.Bingley and Darcy walk into the movie for the first time, we were like “They don’t look anything like Mr.Bingley and Darcy!” But no worries, you’ll be in love with them both by the end of the movie. Sorry if this post just ends up being about Pride & Prejudice…

Letter to Juliet. This was a good movie, a sweet love story, realistically simplistic. And very clean, but I didn’t like the kissing scenes, they were a little much. (it only had two of them)


We also made these yummy drinks,

You need: Pomegranate juice, Pineapple juice, a lime, and ice cubes.

Pour Pomegranate juice and Pineapple juice over ice, squeeze in a half of a lime. Garnish with slice of lime. Enjoy! You could add any fruit juice you want, but citrus is definitely needed!


Our garden is beautiful. Lovely and filled with flowers. These flowers were picked from it and arranged by my blogging and running friends Tenley, Emily, and I as a gift for a friend.


Our oven is broken, so I made my first mug cake. I’ll be talking about that in the NEXT post! I will also be posting about what I learned during my media fast. I’d love to hear if any of you did the same. Until then, have a great day!

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