Last Day. (for now)



Well, today brings the end of the post a day challenge. Yes, I missed a couple days. But I still learned a lot, and gained new knowledge. I enjoyed sharing bits of my life with you, and can’t wait to share more! For August, my family has decided to take a month fast of TV, and computer to help us focus more on important things. (Family time, God, relationships) So needless to say, I won’t be blogging for this upcoming month! Don’t forget me, I’ll be back in September with lots of new yummy recipes and pretty pictures! I hope you all have a relaxing and fun rest of the summer. Take care and love life! 



If any of you have done a media fast, or are planning on doing one, let me know! I’ll be blogging about my experience in September and would love to hear YOUR input. Happy Summer! 

One thought on “Last Day. (for now)

  1. I haven’t done a total media fast, but I did do a 40 day facebook fast during college (so that I was only using the computer for school stuff). It was amazing how much time eliminating just one aspect of media from life can help direct focus on the things that matter. I look forward to reading about your fast when you return.

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