CCK Black Bean Brownie Success


I made these super yummy black bean brownies from a recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie.


I used mini chips instead of regular sized, and that made every bite super fudgy.


Chopped walnuts on top were also a good addition. My mom tried a black bean brownie recipe before, and it was nothing like brownies. These. These are very MUCH like brownies. The bean blends well, and makes it even more velvety.


Another plus to this recipe is that it’s mixed mainly in the food processor. You just throw the ingredients in the processor, turn it on, stir the chocolate chips in, pour them into a greased pan, and sprinkle on toppings (optional). Katie’s recipe said they cook 15-18 minutes, and mine took more like 23 minutes. Maybe it’s just my oven… When you start to smell the yummy chocolatey goodness, that’s a good sign they’re close to done. If you want to add a little extra protein into your diet, or just really need a good brownie, then try this recipe. Katie’s blog is filled with tons of chocolatey recipes. WARNING! You may drool while scrolling through them!


Have a lovely day! Have you had any experiences with black bean brownies? If so, let me know. I’d love to hear about any mishaps or successes!

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