Flavor it up.


French fries are…. salty, fatty, sooo bad for you and… tasty. How about a yummy (healthier) alternative? I myself prefer sweet potato fries better that white potatoes, but these were tasty!


We made two batches, one with Parmesan cheese and one without (for non-dairy people… AKA me) You can either peel the potatoes, or leave the skins on, your choice! This recipe is super simple. Just cut the potatoes up into wedges, or strips, coat with olive oil, and add your seasonings. We used garlic powder, salt, paprika, and onion powder. For the Parmesan wedges, just add cheese to the spice list. Cook them at 500F for 20 minutes, flip them halfway through. Then, raise heat to broil and broil the potatoes until crisp, watching closely not to over-brown. About 1-2 minutes.


Yummy! This “recipe” was adapted from a TIME LIFE Family Favorite Made Easy.  Adapt the spices to what tastes good to you. If you love garlic, pour it on! If you try making homemade baked fries, I’d love to hear how they came out!

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