Lovely Little Things










Okay, I have to explain this one. We had an awful storm a couple days ago. (Windows shattered, trees uprooted, flooding) It was bright and cheery, and then BOOM. 10 minutes later we had rain, rain, rain and a really strong wind. Freakish. 


This is part of our yard, and part our neighbors. After the storm had calmed down (It was still windy and raining) we went outside to check everything out. My mom spotted this wet little lump by our sidewalk. It was a baby owl! It looked very miserable and sad, but hankfully, we know a terrific bird painter who knows tons about all sorts of birds. He came over  and took the owl home with him. The next day….. Image

He brought it back to our house, and let us hold it. How. Cool. Is. That. It was surprisingly super tame! (and a-DOR-able) It has such pretty green eyes! He put it on a tree, and we watched as it climbed/flew up into the branches. Later that evening, my brother saw it fly to another tree. I never thought I’d experience the rescue of an baby owl!Image

Have you tried tinting your pictures? I followed this DIY photo filter project from  @abeautifulmess   <<<check them out! 





Summer and pretty weather is a great excuse to go outside and take some pictures. So go, adventure is out there!

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