Flowery Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!Image

It is finally lovely and springy outside! And most of you know, it’s Mother’s Day! I had big plans to make my mom fancy breakfast in bed this morning, but I ended up making delicious Cinnamon Oatmeal WITH her instead. It was a very pleasant way to start the day.


After church we decided to stay at home and make pizza for lunch. It was delicious.


It seems like on Mother’s Day, all the little children make adorable cards and draw memorable pictures. But after you reach the age of about 10, you want something better to give to mom.


Macaroni picture frames just don’t seem to cut it, Dad already buys her bouquets of flowers, and she’s on a diet, so candy is out of the picture.


How about live flowers? You could buy a couple varieties and place them in a pot, or if your mom’s a gardener, just give her a spade and the plants. Most Grocery Stores (especially around springtime) have plants for sale, either in tents right outside the store, or sometimes inside the store. HyVee usually has a great selection.They aren’t terribly expensive, and believe me, she’ll love them. If your mom is more practical, then herbs or tomato plants are good alternatives.


Recently I noticed that my mom’s recipe binder was in pretty rough condition, the little folder pockets on the front and back of it were stuffed with uncategorized recipes, and one of the binder rings was all bent. So this year, I gave my mom a new binder for all her recipes,I used this pretty pink paper in the front of the binder, and yellow paper of the same print for the back. I slipped the recipes into sheet protectors, organized everything into genres (bread,cookies,soup,pasta) and boom, I was done! A practical, pretty, useful, thoughtful gift. What did you give your mother for mothers day?

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