How to occupy yourself on a snowy morning

Gooood morning!Image

My mother came into my room this morning and asked me if I wanted to take pictures of the lovely (and frustrating) snow. She also wanted me to take a picture of the tree that split in half and fell on our roof. So that we can show the insurance compay. Hurrah….


And apparently this tree had a heart, or at least blood flow.


Is this not cool? (and sort of weird?) Well, school was canceled, so I decided to come up with a couple ways to chase away winter blues.


#1 Chill with my fish.


#2 Dream about the seventies we had TWO days ago!


#3 Make some peanut butter/banana pancakes.

#4 Spend my day online.

#5 Take pictures of myself being bored. Yayyy!

I hope your morning was bright and sunny with tulips, and if it was, I would love to come visit for a while. Happy May!

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