Snowy Spring?


This morning I woke up to a lovely coating of white all over. It was quite nice, except for one tiny detail, it’s supposed to be spring!! Oh well…  


I took a couple pictures & had a refreshing walk in the fluffy snow.


I’m hoping to pack up all my winter gear soon!


Finally! A touch of spring in our backyard. Soon we’ll have purple tulips!


Have you heard of Boden? It’s a British clothing company, (but they sell in the US). Their designs are simply amazing, and I always drool over their catalogs. In the picture above I’m reading the  Johnnie Boden catalog, Johnnie Boden is the line of clothing for tweens & teens. Check out their website, trust me, you’ll fall in love instantly!


Nothing warms me up better on a cold day than a hot drink. (and leftover ham and cheese filled buns. Yum.) I’ll post the recipe for the buns very soon. Keep reading! Au revoir to all, and I hope that your spring is coming faster than mine!

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